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Drones Express

Drone Parcel and Mail Delivery Service on the Lower North Shore.

Partnering with Drone Delivery Canada to offer innovative transportation solutions for last mile deliveries.

Who We Are

Our mission: Offer our clients parcel and mail delivery by drone; a reliable, quick and affordable solution, as well as exceed clients’ expectations.

We want to become a Quebec leader in sustainable drone parcel and mail delivery for remote and isolated communities, and thus contribute to increased quality of life.

Artistic representation
SINCE 2020

How It Works?

3. Track your parcel

A tracking system that allows you to track your parcel at all times.

4. Reception

Quick and reliable service. We do it all!

Service Area and Network

Drone parcel and mail delivery services will gradually be deployed on the Lower North Shore and Île d’Anticosti territories.


Drone project for parcel and courier delivery in Lower North Shore

Drones Express Inc. is pleased to announce that a letter of intent has been signed with Drone Delivery Canada Corp., the leading Canadian company to develop a complete solution for the autonomous [...]

Drone Delivery Canada announces letter of intent with Drones Express Inc. for Condor project

Drone Delivery Canada Corp. is pleased to announce that, with the assistance of its sales agent Air Canada, it has executed a Letter of Intent, effective November 23rd, 2020, with Drones Express Inc., for an [...]