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Drones Express

Leader in Advanced Air Mobility for the benefit of remote territories.

Our goal is to increase territorial autonomy, safety, health care and quality of life to remote/isolated communities.

About us

Since the incorporation of Drones Express Inc., in August 2020, we have established commercial relationships with many manufacturers of Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS) around the world.

Our acquired expertise allows us to support our clients as a “Technology Facilitator” in their territories.

Safety being at the heart of our mission, we implement a UTM in collaboration with Unmanned Aerial System partners.

SINCE 2020

Our services

We develop and deploy autonomous aerial missions specified by our customers (line-of-sight -VLOS and beyond line-of-sight – BVLOS) in their remote/isolated communities, using the best remotely piloted aerial systems (RPAS) available in the world market.

To create wealth in the communities, we have a full range of training programs. We train local pilots who will operate locally autonomous aerial missions in VLOS and BVLOS.

Technology Facilitator

We view ourselves as a regional partner. As a “Technology Facilitator”, we develop and deploy, for the benefit of our customers (isolated/remote communities), autonomous “Turnkey” aerial missions for various VLOS and BVLOS applications:

Emergency preparedness (civil security)

Search and rescue

Territorial sovereignty

Forest fire prevention and control

Natural disaster response and natural resource management

Transport of medical/biomedical packages

Inspection of public and private infrastructures

Transport of large quantities of parcels

Other specified missions

UTM implementation

Our work does not stop at the deployment of a variety of remotely piloted aerial missions. Through solid partnership, all deployed autonomous aerial missions will be managed by what is called in the industry, a UTM (Unmanned aircraft system Traffic Management).

A UTM is an integrated management system for autonomous aircrafts.

Here are the features of this system:

Pilot Training Programs

Our Pilot Training Programs ensure job creation in local communities.

Missions are operated locally, by locally trained pilots.

We offer training adapted to each territory and the courses are taught by our instructors directly in the communities.


Globally, R&D and numerous partnerships ensure an accelerated evolution of the Advanced Air Mobility industry. This allows us to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our R&D division makes it possible to adequately adapt existing remotely piloted aerial systems to the regions where our customers are located. For exemple:

Our future projects

We are working with several partners on the upcoming deployment of a drone delivery service to an Innu village located on the Lower North Shore (Target 2025).


Drone project for parcel and courier delivery in Lower North Shore

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Employment opportunities

We are always on the lookout for talent! We invite you to submit an unsolicited application, which we will examine with the greatest interest.